The Diabetic Fighter's nutrition coaching plans are the simplest and most effective programs for weight-loss and diabetes blood sugar control. Period.


The Diabetic Fighter's 3-step system is designed to quickly lower your blood sugar, help you take control of your eating habits, and enjoy immediate results. Whether you are looking to trim down for that big day or lower your A1C blood sugar, working with The Diabetic Fighter will ensure that you achieve the results you're looking for, while never feeling hungry or like you're missing out on anything. 

STEP 1: Reset

During this phase we eliminate sugar in all it's forms from your diet and replace it with heart-healthy fats. The Reset phase will ensure you're feeling energized and motivated, eliminating the chance of any "false starts" or "falling off of the wagon". During the Reset phase, we will jump start your metabolism, eliminate cravings for bad food, and teach you to use whole food nutrition to quickly lower blood sugar and melt away fat.

STEP 2: Reboot

After we restart your metabolism and curb your sugar cravings, it is then safe to slowly bring back to your diet specific foods such as complex carbohydrates and fruits, but at very specific times. In the Reboot phase, will begin tracking your food intake with the help of a free app that will give you total control over your weight-loss. At this point you will have full power over your blood sugar and begin experiencing super charged weight-loss.

STEP 3: Reward

In this final stage, you will learn simple tricks and techniques such as intermittent fasting and calorie zig-zagging to keep your body in fat-burning mode while allowing for earned meals (NOT cheat meals ;P) at holidays, and social functions. This phase is designed to keep you in control of your nutrition and maintain your success all while living your best life.


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"I've lost 6lbs and 3 inches off my waist in the first week! I feel full and satisfied, plus my blood sugar numbers are low, so so worth it. "

Anna Brown

"Shawn was amazing and gave me and my wife results right away. I highly recommend Shawn, especially if your having trouble dropping those inches. worth every penny! :)"

Gary Paul

"After 10 days on the The Diabetic Fighter Diet, my sugars were down to low levels and my Doctor took me off Metformin!! I cannot say thank you enough! Thanks Shawn."

Raye Davies-Budd

"This guy knows what's UP!!! As a fighter, I found it hard to find a nutritionist that really understood how hard we work and how intensely we train. Shawn was able to get me down six pounds and ten inches in the first three weeks, and I never felt hungry or deprived!"

Alana Cook

"Shawn’s program really worked for me - I am a non-diabetic woman in my late 40’s and have struggled to manage my weight in the last five years due to hormonal changes. I recommend Shawn’s program to anyone struggling with their weight as they age!"

Tanya Rankin

"The best decision I ever made was to join The Diabetic Fighter family. I am currently doing the clean eating program and I have results. weight loss, lower blood sugar. Shawn is amazing! "

Christina Sapp


Shawn Wicks is an expert weight-loss nutrition coach, blood sugar control specialist, Muay Thai Kickboxer, and a type 1 diabetic. 

Since being diagnosed with T1D in 2012, Shawn has extensively studied the relationship between nutrition, insulin resistance, fat-loss, and blood sugar control.

Shawn's 3-step system has helped countless diabetics, non-diabetics, and athletes to gain control of their nutrition, allowing them to achieve their ideal weight and health. 

I have the perfect plan of attack to get you back in control so that you can lower blood sugar, lose weight, and live better. 

I know what works and what doesn't...because I've been there - and I'd love to help YOU!



I have 100% confidence that if you follow my programs exactly as instructed you will achieve the results you desire, AND more. 

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