30 Quick and Delicious Recipes Proven To Solve Cravings and Dramatically Lower Your A1C


You already know that planning breakfasts can be the most time-consuming, confusing and frustrating aspect of diabetes blood sugar control. It's also the most important. That's why I've developed these recipes to be simple, tasty, and guaranteed not to spike your blood sugar.

I use the recipes I’m giving you in this book to help my clients achieve lower blood sugar, weight loss, and dramatically lower A1C as part of my 21-Day Transformation program, and I believe they can help you do the same. With that said, let me jump in and show you...

Exactly What You're Getting

First of all, this isn't just one of those boring 'low-carb" recipe books you’re used to seeing, that are not really created for blood sugar control. 

I’ve included complete battle-tested recipes, quantities, ingredients, and even broken the calories down into the macros (fat, carbs, & protein) that are working right now to help my clients.

And it's easy to read.

At 33 pages, you can read it and plan your whole week’s breakfasts in an afternoon.

And It's A Lot MORE Than Just Scrambled Eggs

Grab your copy of these 30 mouthwatering blood sugar control breakfast recipes today!


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