5 Kitchen Items I Can't Live Without

These days kitchen space can be limited, so it pays to invest in a few good buys to make cooking and prepping food more fun and enjoyable. Here is a list of kitchen items that I can’t live without. 


  1. Good Quality Wok. While the BBQ is my preferred weapon, the wok is a close second. The wok's unique shape distributes heat evenly and is the best for high-heat cooking of meats and vegetables. Use coconut oil or a splash of sesame oil with fresh garlic for a restaurant-quality stir-fry.

  2. Digital Food Scale. To manage anything you must measure. If blood sugar control, fat loss, or muscle building is one of your goals you must track your intake of calories and macros. Be sure to use a scale that has the option to change from grams to ounces, and kilograms.

  3. Knife Sharpener. A sharp knife is a safe knife and makes the process of prepping and cooking easier and more enjoyable.

  4. Mini Electric Whisk. I literally use this bad boy three or four times a day to froth my coffee cream, beat scrambled eggs, and mix my pre-workout drinks. It’s absolutely one of my favorite kitchen tools.

  5. Portable Ice Maker. So, this is the kitchen item that I had no idea I needed. This was a wonderful birthday gift that I received last year from some friends who know how much of a cold drink fanatic I am. I use this once a week a make three or four large freezer bags full of ice in less than four hours AND it’s amazing for parties!


I hope that you enjoyed that list. Remember, your kitchen should be a place of health and nourishment, so always have the right tools on hand to ensure your success.

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