7 Things You Might Not Know About Diabetes

managing diabetes Nov 07, 2022

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and I thought I’d share some less commonly known information from a recent Instagram reel to help spread awareness.

First, the basics:

Type 1: This is an autoimmune condition. The pancreas does not produce enough insulin and requires insulin injections to live. 

Type 2: Insulin resistant. The body produces insulin but does not utilize it properly. Can be reversed with diet and cardiovascular exercise over time.


  1. Type 1 was historically known as “juvenile diabetes”. Over the past few decades more and more young adults are being diagnosed – Like me – I was 29. This is known as Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults or LADA.
  2. Insulin is responsible for shuttling energy and nutrients from food out of our bloodstream and into our cells, without it, we essentially starve to death. This was the fate of type 1’s before the discovery of insulin.
  3. High blood sugar not only is detrimental to our physical health but our mental health too. This is rarely talked about. It can cause obsessive thoughts, depression, and irrational behavior.
  4. Over 90% of diabetics are Type 2. Many feel guilt and shame from an external stigma from others and society. This can lead to a feedback loop of self-soothing with food that may lead to greater insulin resistance. I call this “the cycle of suffering”.
  5. Type 2 insulin resistance IS reversible and Type 1’s can lead very long, active, and fulfilling lives – it is not a death sentence.
  6. Some famous T1Ds are; Halle Berry, Brett Michaels, Max Domi, Vanessa Williams, Nick Jonas, Sharon Stone, and Mary Tyler Moore.
  7. I help Diabetics all over the world to lower blood sugar, lose or gain weight, and live better! To learn more check out diabeticfighter.com or DM me. 

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