DF Client Journey: Marc

transformation Apr 06, 2022

For this post, I’m turning over the blog to my awesome client Marc to share this really amazing testimonial he provided. Thank you, Marc! I’m so proud of your hard work and dedication to your health.

I heard about Shawn through another referral and heard nothing but great things.  I have to admit,  I was skeptical about getting a “Coach” and the importance of nutrition.  My health and well-being were decent, but I was looking for improvements in my quality of life, no matter how small.  I did not believe my well-being would improve much but would have been ok with a minor improvement, like losing a couple of pounds, or a slightly better A1C.

Immediately after meeting with Shawn, I put all my trust in his hands and followed his direction.  Within the first week, I experienced significant improvements in my weight, blood sugars, and most importantly, my wellbeing.  My expectations were blown away… 

After 13 weeks with Shawn, I get multiple compliments from friends and family on how good I look.  I’m taking significantly less insulin, have way more energy and focus, feeling way younger, and my current A1C is 6.0 (In the +20 years I’ve been a T1D, my best A1C was 7.1).

If you ask me to describe Shawn, I would say the following: 

  • He leads by example.
  • He’s extremely professional.
  • He cares deeply about helping people feel their best.
  • He listens to your needs.
  • He’s goal-oriented and very driven.
  • He’s always learning and researching to improve with the objective of making people better.

I can’t speak highly enough of Shawn, but bottom line, if you are committed to making significant improvements to your wellbeing, he’s a game-changer!!

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