DF Client Journey: Rachel

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2023

For this post, I’m turning over the blog to my awesome client Rachel to share this really amazing testimonial she provided. Thank you, Rachel! I’m so proud of your hard work and dedication to your health.

Sugar NO more!!

The last 11 weeks have been a great experience with the Diabetic Fighter Shawn Wicks. I am a triathlete and an Ironman. In the last 6 years, I raced six full Ironmans and more than 10 half Ironmans. I was on a high and in the best physical shape of my life. Alas, I was also a sugar addict. I was fueled by sugar and could not get enough of it. When I was training 20+ hours a week it was not a problem. I could eat whatever I wanted. Then it happened……. I got injured ……probably because of my unhealthy sugar-infested eating…....and was down for six months with crutches and no exercise. The sugar addition though forged on and took over and I in that time gained 20 lbs due to my eating. Being an endurance athlete I was no novice to determination, disciple, and mind control. But sugar is an extremely powerful substance. Studies have shown that it is more addictive than cocaine. It had complete control over me.

I tried to lose the weight myself I gained but always ended back up at square one. My 40th birthday came and went with another failure of my trying. Some friends told me to accept my weight and sugar are ok. NO. I was not going to be a statistic. After defeat and defeat, I heard about The Diabetic Fighter and blood sugar stabilization. I was sick of the feeling of the ups and downs of my mood. I was sick of relapsing on sugar because I had no energy.

So I ventured into the 21-day transformation. It really did transform my life. I felt full. I felt in control of my eating again and In 21 days 9 pounds and over 17 inches came off of my body. Every week I work with him the inches keep dropping. More importantly, though, my period cycle cramping is almost nonexistent. I don’t feel bloated. My moods don’t feel like a roller coaster anymore and I can handle the stress of being a full-time doctorate student and school teacher throughs at me.

I am continually impressed with Shawn’s communication daily through the program. He adapts the eating and workout Routine to meet the needs of my body and exercise routine. We meet weekly and his protocol is working wonders. I am loving intermittent fasting! I am not craving sugar anymore and feel like it does not control my life. Although I have taken a step back from the Ironman Race scene I feel like I am crossing that finish line every day.
Currently working together currently to get the extra weight off and venturing into a more weight cardio balance. This cardio junky is realizing heavyweights are so important for you as you age!

I have always said this while doing Ironman- The difference between impossible and possible is hard work, determination, and belief in oneself. Shawn has helped me conquer my diet which is so invaluable for a happy and healthy life. Thank you Diabetic Fighter! Take that SUGAR!


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