Top Take Out Options For Blood Sugar Control

Yes, you can order take out without sending your blood glucose to the moon! Here is a list of my top favorites:

Japanese: Wakame (seaweed) salad, edamame, sashimi and any grilled fish. I usually go for a large assorted sashimi and grilled calamari. Just be careful of any ponzu sauce that may come with the fish, it is typically made with orange juice and will spike your bg. PS: Don’t fall for the “brown rice” trick, it will have the same effect on your numbers as the white.

Chinese: Typically known as the arch enemy of blood sugar control, Chinese food can actually be done right. I always order the beef and broccoli with extra beef. Any sautéed vegetable and meat dish is acceptable as long as the sauce isn’t made with cornstarch. My favorite place even has sautéed shrimp with cashew nuts & scrambled egg dish!  

Mexican: My wife’s personal favorite. It took me a little while to figure out what to order that wouldn’t negatively affect my numbers, but now I’ve got it dialed. Tortilla soup, hold the tortilla. Guacamole with no chips. I usually ask for celery with my guac, but if they don’t have any I’ll eat it with a spoon. Queso Fundido (flame melted cheese), hold the tortillas. Fajitas with lettuce wraps. Burrito bowls are also a personal fav. Just don’t eat the bowl!  

Middle Eastern: Yes, yes, YES! I’m a huge fan of Middle Eastern cuisine. Turkish and Lebanese are both a regular in my house. I always order grilled skewers of lamb or beef served with grilled tomatoes, and substitute salad for rice. Garlic mayo, tzatziki, and hummus are a must.

Vietnamese: Pho yes you can! (See what I did there?) I always order the Pho with no noodles and extra veggies. Gol Cuom Tom or salad rolls (not spring) are also safe, just skip the peanut sauce.

Thai: I’ve been training Muay Thai for thirteen years and I’m so in love with their food and culture. Thai food can be a little tricky, but I find that the chicken satay (no peanut sauce), lettuce wraps, prawn salad, and wok stir-fry dishes to be pretty kind to the numbers. The garlic pepper beef, cashew nut chicken, and garlic mixed veggies dishes are my go-tos.   

Fast Food: Yes, the ole burger and fries. This one is really a bit dicey and I try to avoid it if possible. Don’t get fooled by the salads on the menu, the dressings will be a nightmare on your blood sugar. If you must order from one of these places go for a lettuce wrapped burger with ketchup on the side, that way you can control the sugar content.

Pizza: My absolute fav! I love a good Neapolitan wood fired or a super cheesy Greek style. In all honesty, there’s no real way to make this one easy on the numbers so I only order pizza once a month and always on my “earned meal” night.

I don’t believe in “cheat meals”, I believe in earning it. After six straight days of hitting my target blood sugar, caloric, and macro nutrient goals, my clients and I enjoy an “earned meal”.

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