Type 2 Diabetes CAN Be Reversed, Here's Why

Can we really reverse type 2 diabetes?

Patients are always told that type 2 diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease. So, that means once you’ve been diagnosed you’re going to have it for the rest of your life.

Patients are told that they are going to be stuck in what I call, the "diabetic cycle of suffering". That means on medications, on insulin, constantly seeing doctors, and then going to develop the nasty complications.

Complications such as nerve damage, blindness, heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, dialysis, and amputation are all on the list.

But, does this really have to be the outcome?

Is it possible that the medical industry wants you to be stuck in the cycle of suffering? Do they have anything to gain from you being stuck in the cycle? Let’s just think about that for a moment…

So, is it possible to reverse type 2 diabetes using proper nutrition?

One of my favorite examples that proves this to be true, comes from the very well respected, and my fellow Canadian, Dr. Jason Fung. Dr. Fung gives the example of a study of type 2 diabetics who receive Bariatric surgery, stomach stapling. This procedure essentially reduces the stomach to the size of a walnut.

In the study, they divided the diabetics into two groups. One group was given medications, and the other group was given the bariatric surgery. After 12 months the group that was taking the medications did not see any change, the disease did not progress nor did it reverse. However, the group that received the weight-loss surgery, in a matter of months they were taken off all of their medications and their blood sugar had returned to normal.

This proves that by making dietary changes the disease could be reversed.

Therefore, type 2 diabetes is NOT a chronic and progressive disease, it is, in fact, a REVERSIBLE dietary disease that can be controlled with nutrition.

I personally have helped many clients to reduce and eliminate the need for medication with diet, not even exercise, just a diet alone.

Using a combination of a week-long sugar detox and the implementation of a low carb high-fat diet we are able to quickly lower and stabilize blood sugar and gradually reduce the need for insulin and other diabetic medications.

Medications such as metformin, simply treat the symptoms, they do not cure the disease.

Type 2 diabetes is NOT a chronic progressive disease as we are told. It is a dietary disease. When the diet is changed the disease can be reversed.

To understand how we can change our Diet to reverse our type 2 diabetes, we must first understand what type 2 diabetes actually is, and how it affects the body….

Part 2, What IS Type 2 Diabetes 

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Here's to your success! 

Shawn Wicks
"The Diabetic Fighter" 
Nutrition Coach & Blood Sugar Control Specialist
Type 1 Diabetic 


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